Image EngineeringとTRIOPTICSとの「戦略的パートナシップ」締結のお知らせ


この度、ドイツ フレッヒェン市(Frechen)にあるImage EngineeringとTRIOPTICSとの間で、「戦略的パートナシップ」を締結いたしました。

Image Engineering and TRIOPTICS announce strategic partnership

Digital imaging is one of the most disruptive technologies today. It drives innovations and has become an essential tool in our daily life. Almost everybody owns a high resolution digital camera in form of a cell phone, thus cameras accompany us a significant part of our lives. They make our homes safer, control traffic, assist surgeons, provide weather information, inspect the quality of the goods we buy, help us to park our cars and they will be “the eye” of future autonomous vehicles.

So in most cases it is mandatory that the cameras operate reliably and that they deliver images of maximum quality under various conditions.

Image Engineering and TRIOPTICS both have dedicated their activities to the production of tools that help to improve the performance of digital cameras. Those are applied for calibration and optimization in R&D phase but also at the production line.

TRIOPTICS as the leading company in lens performance analysis and lens assembly recently started to supply automated systems for the assembly of camera modules. “This technology ensures optimum quality results for high resolution camera modules and minimizes rejects in the production. It’s the reason why a lot of leading camera manufacturers choose our equipment“ says Eugen Dumitrescu CEO of TRIOPTICS.

Image Engineering has followed a more system oriented approach and tests cameras as a combination of lens, sensor and image processing. The developed test methods are based on test images in combination with evaluation software. Dietmar Wueller, CEO of Image Engineering says, “we are following international standards wherever possible and play an active role in the standardization activities in ISO, IEC and IEEE. This way we became a worldwide market leader in camera system analysis.”

Tomorrow’s markets require the combination of optical measurements, alignments, system characterization and calibration to deliver the best image quality possible. Based on these requirements the two companies are engaging into a strategic partnership to jointly design and produce automated alignment and calibration systems for cameras and camera modules.

Trioptics GmbH プレスリリースImage Engineering and Trioptics announce strategic partnership

更新日: 2016/10/28